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Whether it’s a university, vocational or English course that marks the beginning of each aspiring student journey, Sofiri is trusted to help aspiring students achieve their goals.

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Education experts

Persons proficient in more than 30 languages, located in more than 15 countries who have undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet mandatory requirements, which guarantees that aspiring students will have a highly satisfactory counselling and application process.students achieve their plans to study internationally.

we supports aspiring

International students

Sofiri supports aspiring international students, education providers, agents and counsellors to achieve their international education goals, easier and faster as it combines the efficiency and accessibility of sophisticated technology, with the personal care and expertise of humans to ultimately help aspiring students achieve their plans to study internationally.

our software is enabling

Education providers

Additionally, our software is enabling education providers and agents to automate their instant messaging communications by professionally managing thousands of queries a day via web or instant messaging apps by using bots, and thus qualifying, responding automatically and distributing students to the correct channels and individuals, so that counsellors can focus on what they do the best: to offer high-quality service.

We are dreamers

We are dreamers

We’re dreamers; we’re achievers, and we’re education believers. Our founder and many of our team were at one point an international student, this stage in our lives changed us significantly by giving us either the opportunity to learn a new language or to get relevant qualifications in our professional fields.

Sofiri App and IQAP

We believe that education is the most powerful tool to change the world, and we stand side by side with those who dare to pursue their dreams and achieve challenging goals wherever they want to. The Sofiri app, our software IQAP and our valuable education experts are our tools to help students education goals come true easier and quicker.

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Who We are

Founded in January of 2016, and based in Australia. Sofiri connects aspiring students with professionals that will navigate them on the educational opportunities available in key countries across the globe.

We provide support from early stages (choosing the right course and education provider) to the visa application and, if required, the accommodation process and orientation.

Sofiri is the easiest way to access all the information required to make one of the most critical decisions in a person’s life. There is no need to spend time making your way to an office. Our experts are just a few clicks away.

Our platform IQAP is also helping education providers and agents to make more accessible the student qualification process by requesting, tagging and filtering potential student information to then connect students with counsellors for communication and application management.


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